Word Associations: Proleptic Eschatology

"Proleptic" = anticipatory; assumption that a future event has already happened.

"Eschatology" = from the Greek eschatos "last" and -logy "study of." The study of the end time, last days, the consummation and perfection of God's creation.

God's future, accomplished in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ;
the new heavens and new earth;
anticipation of the reconciliation of all things;
God's goal for creation;
the first fruits of the resurrection;
the "now" and the "not yet;"
the time between the resurrection and the last days.

Key scripture reference:
Isaiah 11:6 "the wolf shall dwell with the lamb"
See also Isaiah 65:25.
Art: The Peaceable Kingdom
See also Ted Peters, God, the World's Future.