Monday, October 5, 2009

Associations with Jacob: Stealing (#8 of the big 10)

Jacob was a complicated person. This photo (for you visual learners) illustrates the incident with the savory stew (Title: How to tell if mom likes you best). Rebecca helps him steal the birthright from poor, hairy Esau. Jacob was smooth in more ways than one.

Later, Jacob's father in law/uncle, Laban, pulls a mirror image trick. He promises Jacob his beloved Rachel, but switches her for her elder sister Leah at their wedding. Now the shoe is on the other foot . . .

There is a long, plot-twisting, sinful, faithful story in the Bible. It is one story and it is important to know the whole thing as a whole narrative. That is how it makes sense, how it is rich and integrated instead of a list of dry names, places and events.

Preaching and teaching deepen and expand as we know the implications and associations of God's revealed word. Soak in it and imagine it, cross reference it with itself, with theology, with church history, with worship. How do the symbols, art, words connect?