Metacognitive Skills

If you are beginning seminary, the first semester can feel like information overload.

Here's a quick three part strategy to help get better grades, do better work, learn more, and do it all in less time (really!) These are called metacognitive skills (thinking about one's own mental processes):

Know Yourself: What is your learning style? Figure it out and use it. What is your academic background and skill level? Begin to fill in the gaps. What organization system works for you? Whatever it is, begin to use it for all your work.

Know Your Requirements: What is your degree program at seminary? Read the fine print, so you won't have any surprises later. Read the Writing Handbook for assistance. What's in your syllabi? A syllabus gives you the specifics for every course. What are the academic expectations? Honesty, timeliness, proper formats, and proofreading, for starters!

Know Your Resources: Your professors, librarians/library, deans, , Vetted websites, 2nd and 3rd year students, your advisor, . . . . .