Vet, vet, vet the web

Not a veterinarian. Not a veteran.
Vet (verb) = To examine: To check for validity, accuracy or authenticity.

The internet is full of sites on the Bible, Theology, Apologetics, and Church History, not to mention all the religious and spiritual content you could possibly imagine in your wildest dreams (or worst nightmares!). Many sites can help you with your seminary coursework. They can give you background material, charts, maps, and excellent information.

There are also many sites that range between propaganda and mental illness. There are some that are extremely narrow or doctrinaire. Some are just lame.

So you need to vet them. Each and every one. Who is the author(s) and what are his or her interests?? For your purposes they should have a link to an academic institution. You should be able to locate them in the grid of the church: Protestant? Catholic? Dispensationalist? Freelance interpreter?

For Biblical Studies I recommend , from Luther Seminary or